Outfits and a Pinterest to Reality

First up, a twist on the normal Pinterest to Reality.

Inspiration via this link. 
My hair isn't as dark as the original, but I am really happy with how it turned out!It is not really that orange in person either, the camera on my phone is not top quality.

Now onto outfit posts.
First up is my take on "blogger" for red ribbon week at my school.
Jacket: JC Penney circa 2005
Sweater: Target (in stores now)
Scarf: Gift from J 
Jeans: Macys (junior department)
Boots: DSW (old)

This dress. I have been in love with this dress for more than a year! I first saw it on Ali at Wardrobe Oxygen. She wore it beautifully, and I coveted it! Finally after much watching and waiting, it dropped into a price range I could justify. I ordered a 12P (in August), but wasn't able to wear it comfortably until the last month or so. This dress is fabulous. It is fully lined. Has an exposed zipper, and is so colorful. Plus it has pockets!!
Dress: Maggy London. I stalked this dress like a crazy person. But this is in the same color family, and this one is also an abstract print and a sheath.
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Resale shop
Belt: Some no-name store in the mall
Necklace: Etsy

I've done the dets on this outfit before, so I will skip that here.

This outfit was another I've had for a while, but losing just a few more pounds has changed the way it hangs. It has a cut out back, but obviously that is not okay for school. So, because I am a cardigan queen, I had two beige ones to choose from. I am trying to convince A to take outfit pictures with me, but so far this is all I've gotten from her.

Cardigan: Target
Dress: Macy's (junior department)
Boots: Stolen from my mom
Necklace: Etsy

On the bug:
Coat: c/o Nana from Nordstroms
Tunic: Gap
Jeggings: Old Navy
Shoes: c/o Coach from who knows where

So life wise I've been keeping busy. I keep meaning to post a write up on the projects I've been undertaking, but have been slacking in that area. I really wish I had taken a few before shots of our old photo wall because I have completely repainted all of our picture frames! I also did a mantle set of fabric covered shoe box lids. Maybe I will post that tutorial next week!

Also, if you have a minute, check out my 30 before 30. I need help finishing my list before May 16th!!!
30 Before 30 

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