Christmas Recap

Because I teach, I usually have close to a week off work before Christmas. This year though, we were in school until the 21st. This meant a fast and furious weekend for my little family. The Bug missed school on Friday because she work up around 2:30 with a fever. J stayed home with her, I can't miss the last day of the semester, and took her to the Dr. Having a sick kid is no fun any time of year, and certainly not at Christmas!

I was really looking forward to this year because she actually understood everything. She got Santa. She was worried about being naughty or nice. She asked for everything she saw a commercial for, and I do mean everything! This has not gone away now that Christmas is over either. (I've spoken with other parents including my own, and I guess this is the age where this happens!) She oohed and aahed at all the lights. She sang all the songs (starting back in OCTOBER)! Then, she got sick. My heart broke for her! All that excitement coupled with a fever, and we had a crazy little girl on our hands. Her fever did not officially break until Christmas day.

We did decide to brave a movie on Christmas Eve, a tradition we are hoping will take, but she passed out about 45 minutes into the film. When we returned home, she wanted to watch Santa on the NORAD tracker. Finally, around 9:00 I convinced her to go to sleep. We set out the cookies and the milk, checked the tracker one more time, then headed to our room to sleep.

She slept in our room the entire night. My mom and step-dad drove up that morning, and we did not want A running out on her own looking for Santa. She actually slept until 6:45 which is later than I guessed. We managed to keep her in the room until 7:00, but the minute we gave her the all clear, she came running!

Santa brought her a Barbie jeep, Despicable Me, and some magnet dolls. Her stocking had bubble bath, fake finger nails, and a few other random trinkets. She honestly bypassed everything until I put the fake finger nails on her!
They lasted about 30 minutes!

We divied up the presents, then went to work! She received a Leap Pad 2, a few games to go with it, clothes, shoes, and books. All in all, it was a great day!

Then, things started to turn. Not for us, but for my mother-in-law and mom. They are both down with the flu at the moment. When A was sick, they tested her for the flu, but it came back negative, so now that she is fever free I am worried the flu will hit. I guess it is a good thing I have another week before I return to work!!

It also snowed on Christmas Day! This is a very rare occurrence here, but I wouldn't let her go out in it until today.
We hit all the important notes: icicles, snow angles, snow ball fight, and one near slip on the ice.

I am a little sad it is already over, but I am glad we had a great day.

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