A Crazy Week, So a Mindless Post

On Friday I had a panic attack at work. I took this as a sign that maybe, just maybe, I have too much on my plate. I enjoyed my three day weekend then found myself right back in the thick of things. I was at work until 7:15 on Tuesday, I also arrived to work at 7:15 on Tuesday...and then on Wednesday we had practice runs for our major testing that will occur in April. These kinds of weeks just wear you down. So today's post is not intellectual. It is not deep. It is just two outfits. Enjoy! Or not, whatever!

This might be my favorite dress ever. (Chelcie too per her comments at work!) I yearned for it after first seeing it on Alison. (This is an older post, I actually had already found one, but she mentioned me in her post because of how often I asked her if she was going to sell it!!)  I don't usually spend a lot of money on clothes, mostly because I don't have a lot of money. I do believe in quality over quantity, and this dress is for sure quality. It is fully lined, has an exposed zipper, and the colors are amazing in person. I did wait (and wait) until the price dropped into a comfortable range for me, the Maggy London site is worth stalking year round ladies!
Dress: Maggy London--Out of stock. Try Ebay though! Maggy London Sheath Dress will bring you a lot of great looking options, you might even stumble across this same print! (If you wear a 16, here it is!)
Tights: JcPenney ($6 bucks in store!)
Shoes: Cutie Patootie resale shop for kids.
Glasses: Firmoo

On me:
Chambray Shirt: Macy's Juniors dept, on deep clearance. These Old Navy one's look great though.
Under Shirt: Macy's (old).  This is a cute one though.
Pants: Old Navy, mine are actually cords, but these are the denim version.
Boots: Stolen from Mom. I found a pair on Ebay though, I am hoping someone will get me for my 30th!
Glasses: Coastal

On A:
Cardigan: Old Navy, this one is the same color.
Outfit: Krazy Legs. My mom buys these for her, I love them! But I can not find anywhere that sells them online. Sorry!

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