Foxes: Tip to Toe

J and I are still working out this outfit picture stuff. Some days the camera is too low... today clearly, it was too high! It looks like he took it from the roof or something. Oh well, we will figure it out.

So ignoring the bad bad bad picture....Isn't this sweater cute? I wish it hadn't been so cold when we took pictures, because you can't see the details as well from under my giant sweater/cardigan thing. The sweater itself is cream colored with 3/4 sleeve. The little fox on the front is all done in sequins.

My socks have a little fox on them as well.

Sweater: Actual, Similar
Big Sweater, used for warmth! Old Navy, old
Jeans: American Eagle
Socks: Sock Dreams, old
Shoes: Mine are from Sears, Bongo brand I think, but this link will take you to gold Sketchers. (Still cheaper than TOMS.)

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