My Top Ten: Funny Movies

The UK website LoveFiLM just released a top ten funniest movies list. They say their list was based on science, in that they took the number of times people laughed and divided it by the number of minutes in the movie. Their results were as follows:


1. Airplane - 3 Laughs A Minute 2. The Hangover - 2.4 Laughs A Minute 3. The Naked Gun - 2.3 Laughs A Minute 4. Superbad - 1.9 Laughs A Minute 5. Borat - 1.7 Laughs A Minute 6. Anchorman - 1.6 Laughs A Minute 7. American Pie - 1.5 Laughs A Minute 8. Bridesmaids - 1.4 Laughs A Minute 9. Shaun of the Dead - 1.3 Laughs A Minute 10. Life of Brian - 1.2 Laughs A Minute

My thoughts on the list? Well I haven't even seen all of Airplane, but to be honest, I don't really have a desire to watch it. I feel like it is so used in pop-culture that I already know the best of it.  I have just never been big on the Airplane, The Naked Gun, etc. The Hangover was funny...but I wouldn't put it in my top ten and certainly not number two. Superbad was also very funny, but I never feel a strong desire to re-watch it the way I do with my own list. Borat, haven't seen it. I felt so uncomfortable during the previews, I knew there was no way I would make it through the whole thing. Anchorman, funny, but I liked The Campaign more. American Pie: seriously? Bridesmaids was very funny, but I would say a lot of that was owed to shock factor and on second viewing, some of the shock is gone. Numbers nine and ten are actually on my own list!

I can't limit myself to ten, (I love funny movies!) so this list is my favorite 11 comedies up to this point. 

11. Eurotrip--Is this a classy film? No. Does it make me laugh every. single. time. I see it? YES.

10. Tropic Thunder--The cast is great, and I love movies that make fun of Hollywood.

9. Zoolander--Back to back Ben Stiller. On the surface, Zoolander is stupid fun, but the darkly funny twist (male models committed all the major assassinations in history!) make it smarter than you expect. Plus, who doesn't love a walk-off?

8. The Aristocrats--This movie is as much a documentary as it is a comedy. (That seems to be a style I like...) It is also the movie that taught me that Bob Saget, aka Danny Tanner, is one of the filthiest people on the entire planet!
7. Best in Show--Christopher Guest can do no wrong in my book.

6. Office Space--The quintessential slacker movie, it even underperformed at the box office. Anytime I have a "case of the Mondays" I relish in the fact that somewhere, Milton is drinking a Mai Tai.

5. Shaun of the Dead--This movie gets funnier every time I watch it, even when they cut out the good bits. Simon Pegg is one of the funniest men living/working today.

4. Life of Brian--Poor Brian Cohen, "He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy."

3. Hamlet 2--So absurd. So hilarious. If you have not seen this, and I am betting you haven't, please do me a favor and ask to borrow it ASAP.

2.History of the World Part I--I really could have had a list that was half Mel Brooks, but I tried to limit myself. If I had to pick (which I guess I did) History wins out for me. I like my nuns musical, what else can I say?

This list goes to 11. And if you get that joke, then you understand why this movie had to be number one.

1. This is Spinal Tap--No words needed. Watch this clip instead

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