New Glasses Review

I am nothing if not a glutton. So, when I found two websites that offer your first pair of prescription frames for free I couldn't say no! (Obviously the common sense thing to do would have been to use one site now, and another later, but I am not the type to wait!)

So first up:

I had never heard of this site. I stumbled across it from Pinterest or GOMI. I honestly can't remember! I found a blog, the girl had cute glasses, and she mentioned she received them for free. I decided this was too good to be true! However, after looking into it I found out you can get prescription glasses for free! The website itself was okay. Anytime I clicked a pair of glasses it would open in a new window which is good and bad. The site offers ordering tips and fit tips as well. The selection is updated pretty regularly too. The thing about this site though is that there are only a select number of "free" frames per style per day. So if the pair you have your eye on is currently in stock, take advantage of it. There is always a chance, they won't be around the next time you check!! Obviously free never really means free, but all I paid for was shipping. The lens are my prescription, I did not add any upgrades. The only down side to these are that the lens are not anti-glare.

Firmoo glasses.

Once I found out about Firmoo, I decided to do a bit of google-ing. Lo and behold, there was another site that offered the first pair free!! This site seems to have frames that are a bit pricier overall, and the packaging was nicer. Their selection on free frames is limited though, meaning that once you have your free pair, the selection available for purchase is much larger. Here as well, free means frames and basic lens. You pay shipping and any upgrades you might want to the lens.
Coastal specs.
Both site were pretty prompt in their shipping; both pairs of glasses arrived on the same day actually! My favorite thing about both sites is the try it on option. This is such a great tool! You can upload a photo of yourself, then virtually try on the glasses. It is like playing paper dolls with yourself (only not creepy). Overall I am very happy with the quality of both sets of glasses. I have not had a headache, and I have worn both pair for two full days a piece. I start back to work tomorrow, and I can not wait to mix these new frames into my work wardrobe! I really recommend either Firmoo or Coastal if you are looking to update your current glass options for not a lot of money.

*Full disclosure: I was not asked to review the frames. I was not given the glasses in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. The second Coastal link is an affiliate one, so feel free to use the first one!

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