We Are All Mapple People

A is always asking us to "download" things. Last night she ran in frantic saying download, download, download. She ran up to J, grabbed the TV remote out of his hand and ran back to our bedroom. She insisted that she had to download. Finally after a few minutes of confusion, she got her point across, she wanted us to rewind the commercial so she could get her fairy wings. It is so funny, she knew the word download, but not the word rewind!

I am constantly amazed at the progression of technology and how it changes us. I am not too terribly old (not until May anyway), but even in my lifetime my use of technology has increased a huge amount. I don't really remember using a computer until I was well into high school. I can also remember first using the Internet  (while at school!) to take personality quizzes on Spark. (Remember the death test? The bitch test? Now, Spark is only used for students who are too lazy to read the whole book.)

I had a literal car phone when I turned 16, it was a bag phone in my car.
Oh hi 1999 me, styling on the car phone!

I got my first cell phone at 18, right before I came to college. It didn't change my life, I didn't feel untethered to the world if I left my phone at home.

Times change of course. I am writing this post on my laptop, while I watch TV, check Instagram on my phone, and flip back and forth between open tabs. Our abilities to multitask in the realm of technology has grown leaps and bounds.

Do we suffer in other areas though? I think we must. It has only been in recent years, 2004 on maybe that I felt out of the loop if I didn't have my cellphone on me. The evolution from basic cell phone, to flip phone, to touch screen, to an I-phone is a strange one. With each step I became more dependent on the device. When I dropped my phone a few months ago I was worried, not because the screen was broken, but because it might mean having to hand my phone over and being without. If I don't have my phone, how do I stay connected!? Never mind the fact that I have cable and Internet. There is something that feels necessary about having a phone out and with you at all times.

It is Apple's world, we just live in it (and spend in it.)
Next generation tech-addict.


  1. My parents still have one of those huge car phones in one of their cars. It obviously doesn't work any more... I don't know why they don't just remove it! It's strange to think that kids now a days don't even know what car phones are haha

    1. I know, or VCR's, or how to manually roll a window down! It is crazy how time and technology changes.