You Want the Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth!

Okay, you can probably handle the truth. (That cliched movie line is a classic for a reason, it is super fun to say!)

The truth is I talk about a lot of things on my blog, but there are things I don't talk about. I want my blog to be an honest reflection of my life and my personality. I try very hard to keep my writing in that manner. There are some topics though, that I don't want to write about (and if we are honest, you probably don't want to read about).

You won't find any posts on here proclaiming my superiority as a mother. Am I a blogger? Yes. Am I a mom? Yes. Am I am Mommy-blogger? No. You won't find tips on diapers, formula vs breast, or lectures on TV. How you raise your children is your own choice, and the way I raise my Bug is between only J and me. One of my biggest pet peeves is the way bloggers/women/people in general berate each other for what amounts to a difference of opinion. My 3 year old daughter is better at Disc Driver on the I-Pad than J. She also knows how to pull up YouTube to watch the Power Puff Girls. How about those parenting skills?

I don't talk about my work much, mostly for privacy (as much as posting your face all over the Internet allows ha!). I have mentioned numerous times that I teach, but I would very much like to leave it at that. Don't expect pictures of me at work or posts related to teaching grammar here. I want to keep my blogging life and my "teacher" life as separate as possible. (Again, the Internet is forever, so who knows how well this will work.)

When I do an outfit post it is not because I think I am a style maven. It is because they are fun. I like clothes, and I have talked about this numerous times before. If you are looking to increase your blog reading with lovely women, I strongly encourage you to check out my Blog Love tab at the top.

I would never try to present myself or my life as a paragon of perfection. (Too many of the people that read this blog know me in real life!!) My house is rarely picture ready. If I do take pictures inside, there is a reason they are always by the front door, that is the cleanest spot in the house! Currently, my living room has three laundry baskets in it. The clothes are clean, I just can't be bothered to put them away right now. In fact, I dug the pants I wore to work Thursday out of my basket. How is that for truth?

Yep these pants....The awkward picture comes from this having been a very long day and my general awkwardness.
Blazer: Mine is from Penney's, I hunted the sales rack for it. This one is similar.
Shirt: I found mine at Macy's, again in the clearance section. This one is from Old Navy, and is a really good price point.
Pants:Exact match!
Boots: Close.
Dress: Another clearance find from Macy's. I hate when I can't give y'all a link to the same item. I know when I read blogs, and I like an item, I like to know where they bought it! This one is the same brand, I wish they had this one when I bought mine! I love the teal color and the same shade lace. (Just checked the link, the dress is sold out online, but I was in Macy's today and they have them in-store!)
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Swapped off some old dress that I no longer even own.
Tights: H&M
Boots: Macy's

I'm going to be completely honest here: most days I don't mind the fact that I am 5'1. (Okay, okay, occasionally I feel stabbing pangs of jealousy when I see my 5'4+ friends. And really stabbing pangs when my 5'7+ friends walk in with stilettos on...) BUT, sometimes my height comes in handy. For example, I found an amazing deal on this dress. Why was it an amazing deal and why would it matter that I am short--because I found it in the kid's section. If I was taller, the dress might have been too short, so hurray for my height. (And this also proves that you never know if it will fit until you try it on!)
Dress: Exact match! An option for my tall friends :)
Cardigan: The Limited (this is not exact, but very close) This one is from Forever 21.
Tights: Penney's
Boots: Macy's
Glasses: Firmoo


  1. Girl, I love those outfits but #2 is definitely my favorite. Your hair looks great.

    and trust, being tall isn't always great. I'm 5'9'' and have to buy many speciality clothes - like all tall pants and tall shirts or else I look like all of my clothes shrunk. I wish I could find great deals like you did!

    1. I know my tall friends have the same issues. All mainstream clothes must be built for the 5'4 person!

      Thank you for checking out my blog!