Dreaming of Disney and Mother Goose

We are planning a trip to Disney as a family in August. 2/6 marked 179 days out, which meant I got to book our first ADR!

For those not obsessed with Disney speak, an ADR is an advanced dining reservation. Ever since we decided we wanted to go to Disney, planning for is has pretty much occupied my free time. I've used the following sites to "research":
I will be updating the blog about Disney from time to time as our plans firm up a bit more, so look for those down the road.

On the home front....A's preschool class put on a Mother Goose Medley. J and I were both able to attend. It was adorable! The teachers and the kids did a great job!

 A and I before we left for work/school this morning.
Outfit details:
On me--Shirt from Penney's, pants from New York and Co, shoes from New York and Co, glasses from Coastal.
On A--Dress is a hand-me-down from a friend, leggings from Tumbleweed Couture, shoes from Target. 


  1. Can I borrow her dress? man, what I wouldn't give to be able to dress like that again! ;)

    1. I know! It is so pink and sparkly. I let her have outfit autonomy, and this is what she chose. Can't say I blame her! Congrats again on your exciting news!!