A Return Trip to Science

Just under a year ago my little family and I went to the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History. (You can read about that trip here.) As mentioned in that post, the "Omni" is one of my favorite places ever. I personally have very fond memories of going there, and I love that I am growing new memories for myself and my daughter.

Family shot before the planetarium show.
I don't know if it is just because I am visiting as an adult or due to the huge amount of changes....When I was young (even the last time pre-baby that J and I went) the museum seemed to have more actual displays. A had a great time, she loved the dino dig, the energy ride, the planetarium, and of course the omni, but the cattle drive didn't hold her interest at all. The imagineer stations are great, if she was closer to 8. The children's section feels like a toddler section, and yes she is only three, but (I like to think) fairly intelligent, and she moved very quickly there. The stations seem designed for 1-2, then there is a big jump to the imagineer rooms, which are aimed at 8 and up. The dinosaur room is still a big hit, but it no longer features multiple dinosaurs. Those are now outside the building. They do have a few skeletons and more interactive attractions, which is the way of the world now.

After the energy ride.
At the mouth (literally) of the children's museum.

Digging for dino bones.

A had a great time, I just think we will try to plan a little better on our next visit. On this trip we arrived pretty close to opening, walked through the exhibits, then went to the Noble Planetarium. (If you are there, please go to the planetarium and hope Jimmy is working. Jimmy is fascinating. He will talk your ear off, but in the best way possible.) Then we had lunch, the cafe is a lot expensive....30 dollars for two cheeseburgers (cafeteria style), a corn dog, two drinks, and a fruit cup. I am reminding myself that sticker shock now is good as it will ease the pain when we get to Disney!
Enjoying a hot dog on a stick.

After lunch we had two hours to kill. This is poor planning on our part, but I really thought the exhibits would sustain us. We made a party hat, played puppets, looked through kaleidoscopes, went to the museum shop, and drew pictures with light. We still had an hour left...
The party hat.
Amazingly, A was great the whole day. She had one moment when she refused to leave the dino dig, but other than that, she was very well behaved. With an hour left to spend, we decided to go ahead and make our way to the omni area. J made a trip to the concession stand and bought a Dr. Pepper (another reason to love this place) and some popcorn. I went to get on line; J thought I was crazy. Sure enough though, the line started forming 45 minutes before the show. In this case, our poor planning actually worked in our favor. We were the 2nd family in the theater! We scored, what I truly believe are, the best seats in the place. We were directly above the hump (might be the projector?) which means we were able to put our feet up.
The opening sequence, a helicopter and jet ride, threw A a bit. She kept asking if we were really flying. Our show, The Living Sea, kept her interest the entire time. She loved the jellyfish.

All in all, this was another great trip to the museum, and our Spring Break tradition continues!

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