How I Spent My Spring Break--Painting Furniture....

I decided to use my spring break to work on A's room makeover. My eyes were bigger than my stomach though...I thought for sure I would knock this project out, and by the time the Bug returned from her Gigi's I would have new furniture to show her.

She will be 4 in May, and we feel it is time to transition her to a "big girl" bed and bedroom. I feel a stab of nostalgia when I look at the butterfly decals that have been up since her birth, but the toddler bed (and the blankets that fit it) no longer fit her. Her room won't be finished until her birthday, so I technically still have two months, but between the princess cut-outs I am still working on, favor bags, and decorations for the party, Disney planning, and the furniture makeover I knew I needed to start now.

I did manage to finish the nightstand, do one coat on the mirror, one coat on all the drawers, and paint all the hardware. So that isn't horrible....I am not 100% happy with the finished product, but being me, I know I won't ever be. (Sad isn't it?)

(I cropped this picture to spare myself some humiliation, as I may have been getting ready to go to prom my Freshman year and may look ridiculous.) This is the dresser (which I actually haven't touched with the exception of the drawers). The dresser, nightstand, mirror, and bed all belonged to my mom. Then they belonged to me, and come May they will belong to A. The original color was an antique white with gold detail.

Then in 2007 J and I moved into a house with a guest room. I painted the antique white an olive green and the gold hardware became silver.

And poof! Here it is today after several coats of glossy white paint. This furniture has certainly had a long life!

I will have a larger post in May related to the nitty gritty of the redo.

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