Why My Blog Will Never Be Big

I know some people out there wonder why anyone would start a blog. Well...the reasons are varied, just like the people who write the stories. I created my blog because I like to write. I have a lot of interests, diy projects, clothing, failing at cooking, movies. This make my blog hard to pin down. I do not fit in a category that is easy to define.

Some people write about their lives daily. Lets be honest, my life is not nearly exciting enough for me to post daily. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram take care of that for me anyway. I can not cook well, and frankly, I hate to cook. I don't bake (and when I do bake the results are often a disaster.) I don't outfit blog very often. Partly because I forget to take the pictures and partly because I don't always feel like I wear things anyone would care to see.

My blog will never be a top 100, 1000, or even 10000 blog. I won't ever have c/o items or sponsors knocking down my door. I probably won't ever break 30 "followers". I don't court advertisers. I am not overly active in the blogging community. I have a handful of blogs that I very much enjoy reading, but I don't do link-ups or giveaways. I do not have 40 extra hours to devote to this blog, even if I wanted to I wouldn't.

Because in the grand scheme of things, none of that matters.

I don't blog for accolades or money or fame. I blog because it is fun. I blog because somewhere in the vastness of the Internet might be one other person who wants to know an easy way to make a dress-up wardrobe out of an old dresser. There might be some person looking for a list of decent books for her kid to read. There might be someone else who loves finding dresses in the kid's department. There might even be another crappy movie lover. And if there isn't? Well, that is okay too.

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