Another Perfect* Weekend

My family had the most amazing weekend ever. On Friday after work I came home to find that my husband had left work early to cook dinner! As A and I walked in the door, the smell of roast chicken met us. After dinner, we all sat down and watched Enchanted together, A loved Giselle! 

Saturday A had her ballet class, and she did a great job. They are gearing up for their recital, and she knows all the moves. After ballet, we came home and cleaned the house. It wasn't really dirty, but there were a few things that had been neglected, like the blinds, baseboards, and ceiling fans. 

On Sunday, we went to the Arts and Jazz fest in the town near where we live. A loved watching the high school drill team girls dance, she got her face painted, and we just generally had a pleasant time.

Okay....Now for the truth....

Most blogs share posts that highlight the perfect weekend shared by the author and his/her family. Well, I have long claimed that I wanted my blog to be different. To be honest. To be real. The first three paragraphs of this post are big fat lies.

In reality, I was late getting home Friday because after I picked A up from her school, we had to go back to mine. I wanted to finish a few art projects for this launch we are doing before our next novel. Guess how many of those I have taken care of....

I don't remember dinner Friday night at all. It may have been cereal.

Saturday we did go to ballet. But A's eyes were so swollen from allergies that it looked like she had been hit, bee stung, or crying for hours. In fact, her teacher asked us if she was really tired. No, just having horrible allergies!! Her eyes looked awful! We attempted to run a few errands after ballet, but A and J were both sneezing, hacking, and coughing so we gave up and came home.

J and I started to clean A's room, because we are trying to tackle our messy house a room at a time between now and May 18th. (Oh and that line about cleaning baseboards. HAHAHA. If I cared about the baseboards, I would be a very different person.) While J and I cleaned out her room, A occupied herself in the backyard. I was so thankful that she wasn't yelling for us that I didn't think too much about it. Until I saw this
That would be blue bubbles. All over the back porch. All over the dog. All over the back door. All over my child. She came in and it looked like she had committed smurficide. Even her mouth was blue. How does that happen!!!

At one point there was a meltdown over nap time. I'm still not sure who won that battle...

Now obviously, the weekend was not a complete loss. It was fairly typical of our life. We are not perfect people in any way. We are just a family of three. Sometimes we bicker. Sometimes we make messes, okay two of us make messes a lot. Sometimes we overbook and have to cancel on everyone because our eyes are swollen, we have no extra money (thanks Disney!), or we have work to do. But at the end of the day, we love each other so I figure we are doing alright.

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