Starting Over, Again--Is This A Pattern Yet?

Almost a year ago I started the 30 day shred. I made it about 10 days. Oops! As I have mentioned, I have seen my weight loss come to a screeching halt. Since November I have not lost a pound. So, to kick start the spring and hopefully the weight loss, I am giving Jillian another shot.

My true before shots should be from my highest weight, but because I am working on moving forward, I am going to just start from today. Anyway, here are my "before" pictures.

Those "teacher arms" are my main motivation right now!!

I certainly would take having a waist again too.

I am hoping to get 6 pounds off by A's birthday party, that means I have five weeks. I am not going to be doing the 30 day shred without stopping for 30 days because I know I won't do that. Instead I will be doing it 5 days out of 7. No exercise on Wednesday or Saturday. J is starting over with me too. We want to start our summer off on the right track. So wish us luck!!

Also, you can see in my photos a few unfinished princess boards. I am getting back on track with my projects too. I have Merida, Tiana, and Snow White drawn, ready to be painted. So hurray for that.

Tiana's eyes are freaking me out a little....Hopefully they will look better painted!

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