3 Months of Work Finally Finished

I started working on this crazy project back in February. Tonight, I finally finished the last one! All told, I have 10 boards, 9 2x4 and 1 4x4. Each board has a Disney princess or prince, with the exception of one which I am using as the welcome to the party sign. My original intent was to have the heads cut out, but the proportions are a bit off. Plus, it was hours and hours and hours of painting, and I don't want to cut up my hard work!

 photo IMG_5565_zpse8cf1b39.jpg

 photo IMG_5347_zpsbafda01c.jpg

 photo IMG_5340_zps5def1893.jpg
Rapunzel and Aurora

 photo IMG_6168_zps4438f4a5.jpg
Ariel and Eric

 photo IMG_5935_zpsd297e2e9.jpg

 photo IMG_6050_zps535371d5.jpg
 photo IMG_6115_zps9e3cd6cd.jpg

Flynn Rider

 photo IMG_6060_zpsc7674643.jpg
Snow White and the Birthday Sign

Whew!! If you want tips on making your own, check out my tutorial here. I may post an update now that I have done all of them. Watch next week for party pictures, so you can see these giant things in action!


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    1. Thanks Bobbie! I have worked hard, hopefully they will be what I imagined. We will find out on Saturday!