Slacking is an Art Form

Clearly, I am a pro at slacking! Since A's party, I have not bothered to update the blog. Sorry to those that read! My school year is winding down, but with that comes a lot of extra work and stress, so the blog has been low priority. I really do have a birthday post in the works, but I just haven't had a chance to sit down and process it.

Last weekend was Memorial Day, and I had two bonus days off, but A had her 4 year shots, and she had a mild reaction to them. Nothing serious, just enough to make her a bit cranky for a few days. We also found out she needed to have a follow up eye appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist. A little scary for a hyper-worrier like me, but J and I both wear glasses, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We won't know anything for sure until after June 11th though.

This weekend we have dress rehearsal for ballet, and I am moving/packing up my classroom. I am staying at the same school and same grade, but moving to a new hall and room. So I will be at work from 8-12 on Saturday, then ballet on Sunday for several hours.

I have 5 official days of work left, so I am thinking "little engine" thoughts! I know if I can make it to the summer I will have more time for my interests, like this blog! So dear readers, please stick with me!

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