In the three full weeks that I have been out for summer, I have gained 5 pounds. It is not the 2-3 bounce around pounds I was fighting at the end of the school year, it is 5 hard, not-budging, not water-weight, real life pounds. 5 pounds doesn't sound like a lot. Except it is. For me that 5 pounds puts me back on the wrong side of the BMI scale (not that I really buy in to it, but still), it puts me at the number I wanted to have as my safety weight, and it almost puts me out of my clothes. When you are 5'1, 5 pounds matter.

Not one of the photos that set this post in motion, although the arm roll is getting to me.
Also 5 pounds in three weeks is alarming. I have seven weeks of summer vacation remaining, so at the current rate.....well I am not liking that math. I also saw some very unflattering photos today, and to say that they upset me would be underselling it.
Horrid. You can see why most shots of me are neck up!

Yowza. That is super unfortunate.

I am fully aware that I am not thin. I am not tiny. I am not svelte. But I felt good about how I looked. Until I saw these pictures. They were candid, so obviously I couldn't work any angles, turn, suck-in, or even stand up straight. (The normal tricks to appearing thinner in photos!) I know that my body is the only one I will have, so I should love it. And I am working on it. I liked it quite a bit just a few months and weeks ago. I was okay with not meeting my 50 pound weight loss. I was happy that I could walk in to any store, pick up a standard size, and know that it would (90% of the time) fit. I had even made huge strides by going sleeveless this summer. (A huge step if you know me well.)

I don't like feeling so let down. If I could magically change these feelings, I would. I can't though, so instead I need to find a way to work through them. I am open to suggestions. I am not really sure how to re-enter the world of exercising. I am burned out on the Jillian video, plus it makes me feel like a failure because I can not/will not do it for 30 days in a row.

Basically, I am throwing yet another pity party for myself. (Gosh I might need to change the name of the blog to We All Have Pity Parties.) I will either get the 5 pounds back off, or....Well I don't know.

So here I am. Another setback on a what has been a very long, very bumpy road.

Looking For a New Obsession

Since writing my last post on our upcoming Disney World trip I have made reservations, changed reservations, canceled reservations, regretted, and moved on. I have also paid in full!

So this trip is happening. I hate to wish my summer away, but I am very ready to go. In the mean time I am trying to find a new project/obsession to keep my mind off things.

I have already redone A's room, and need to do only a few finishing touches on it. I really need to paint the cabinets in the master bath, frame out the mirror, and paint the walls in there. Or I could get several canvases and make new art pieces for the master bedroom. Or I could repaint the tv stands. Or I could just pin a lot of ideas and do none of them :) I know which I am leaning towards....

Image from Adorable-Decor
 I love this idea for above the master tub.

Classroom Mini Makeover

School ended June 6th. So of course, I spent three days this week working on my classroom! I am moving to a new classroom for the 2013 school year. (Same school, same subject, same grade level.) We are going to core teams, meaning one science, one English, one math, and one history per hall. The last week I packed up my room (6 years of teaching total + 4 of those years in that room= a lot of crap!)

My new room has a few issues. It is in the oldest part of the building meaning that it has an older room smell. It might have had mold at one point, and it is possibly sinking into the ground. However, it also has a lot of really great attributes! For instance, it is in the far hall, meaning drop-ins are less likely. It is near the cafeteria, which is nice for walking kids to lunch. It has a faculty restroom, always nice! It has a nearby exit and parking lot. I lost a large cabinet, but gained a true closet, and a wall of built-ins. And it has a window.

At my school, windows are prime real estate. I had a window by chance when I first started out, and it was nice. Then when I changed grade levels, I lost my window. It was okay though, I brought in lamps, played with the light switches, and found a way to make the room work. I would be lying though if I said I wasn't happy to be moving. Many, many people covet a room with a window, so I feel very lucky that I somehow managed to get one.

One of the other perks of being in the older part of the school is that the room is a bit larger than my old one. However, it is also really old. It has a very "lived-in" look. This makes sense, it is an old room!

Here are a few before shots of my new room. I removed a white board today, and if you look closely in the 2nd picture, you can see the outline!

 My window. We (my mom and I) had enough of the awesome HGTV fabric leftover to make a valance. The fabric was purchased at JoAnn's. It was incredibly, stupidly, expensive. I mean that. However, it was 60% off, and JoAnn's gives teachers another 15% off! So that meant I only paid a slightly stupid amount.
Bad picture quality :(
 I had pink and purple broadcloth (so cheap!) that I used to cover my desk. Then I purchased 5 yards of the red/orange color (on sale for 1.99 a yard!). We ended up using the orange and the pink to make curtains to cover the cabinets, after I removed all the doors. Then we used the purple to cover the old navy laminate that was the cabinet topper.
 This is a close up of the printed fabric and the new topper.
This is a long shot of all the covered openings. We made 8 total small curtains, they split in the middle. They are flat on the other side, so if I get tired of the ruffles, I can turn them around.

I am waiting now to find out if we are going to be allowed to paint, but I know I can live in this room happily even if we can't. I still need to put up my bulletin boards, real and faux, but that will happen in time. And fire marshall, if you are reading this, I have already purchased the fire retardant spray!)

So what do you think of my makeover?