Looking For a New Obsession

Since writing my last post on our upcoming Disney World trip I have made reservations, changed reservations, canceled reservations, regretted, and moved on. I have also paid in full!

So this trip is happening. I hate to wish my summer away, but I am very ready to go. In the mean time I am trying to find a new project/obsession to keep my mind off things.

I have already redone A's room, and need to do only a few finishing touches on it. I really need to paint the cabinets in the master bath, frame out the mirror, and paint the walls in there. Or I could get several canvases and make new art pieces for the master bedroom. Or I could repaint the tv stands. Or I could just pin a lot of ideas and do none of them :) I know which I am leaning towards....

Image from Adorable-Decor
 I love this idea for above the master tub.

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