Disney Recap: Day 4

Day 4:

The beautiful ceiling.
Snowfall! Matches the pattern from the movie exactly.

Day 4 was fantastic! This was our first full day at the big cheese, the one you think of when you think Disney, the Magic Kingdom. We were there that morning for "rope drop", which meant we were able to be in the 2nd group of the day for Enchanted Tales with Belle. J had already grabbed us a set of fast passes for Peter Pan's Flight, so the timing was perfect. A got picked to be Maurice in the show, which is what Enchanted Tales with Belle is. Rather than a traditional meet and great, you help Belle reenact the night she and the Beast fell in love. After Belle we rode Peter Pan and It's a Small World. We managed to ride the Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Peter Pan (again), Winnie the Pooh, and It's a Small World (again) before our 11:30 Be Our Guest lunch reservation. Thank to my obsessive planning (everyone who laughed at me), I found out about a way to get a "fast-pass" for BOG lunch, which at the moment is generally a 1-2 hour wait. For food. Thanks to this loophole, we were able to bypass the incredibly long line of people waiting in the sun and go right up to the castle. Be Our Guest, for those not into Disney World, is a pretty much exact replica of the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast. As a person who came into cultural awareness during the Disney Renaissance (the late 80's to late 90's when they were making smash movies like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin) this restaurant is right in my wheelhouse. I've seen Beauty and the Beast more than 100 times, and Belle and Ariel are my two favorite princesses (though Rapunzel and Merida are pretty great). So the idea of eating in the Beast's castle was something I could not miss. The food was fine, good even, but let's be real. It was so not about the food. I was in the castle. We ate in the main dining room, which is modeled after the ballroom where Belle and the Beast dance. The ceiling much work. We received a table next to the window, which meant we were treated to beautiful snowfall during our meal. I will go back there, if only to eat in one of the other rooms, the West Wing or the Rose room.

After lunch, we got in line (a wonderfully air conditioned tent) to meet Daisy and Minnie Mouse. Then we headed back to the hotel for our afternoon break. After a nap and a change of clothes, we headed back. We ate a lighter dinner, as we had a special treat planned for later. After dinner we rode Pirates,meandered around a bit, then made our way over towards the castle. We had a dessert party to attend!

I will admit, the dessert party was fun, but it is not something we are likely to do again. It was pricey, but the food was yummy, and the view was fantastic! Basically, you are in a covered terrace area with 150 other guests, with an all you can eat dessert buffet, with a lovely view of Cinderella's castle. This means you have a prime spot to watch the nightly fireworks. They pipe the music in as well.

This was a very long day! I promise I will get days 5 and 6 up soon.

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