Disney Recap: Days 2 and 3--AKA I Suck at Blogging

Dude. Ball dropped. So let me apologize first and get it out of the way. I meant to recap our trip on a day-by-day basis. I was going to do one or two a week. We've been home a month, and I have written one!

Moving on....

Day 2 of our trip was amazing. We went to Epcot.

We loved Akershus! The food was delicious. We will absolutely be returning to Akershus for lunch if (when) we return to Disney. The princesses were lovely, A even got to lead the princess parade with Snow White. My sandwich and soup were delicious, and I liked the cold buffet items too. I think this might have been my favorite meal of the entire trip.

We rode Soarin' twice, A just squeaked by the 40 inch mark! She loved it, so as soon as we found out she was tall enough, we grabbed fast passes then got in line. This ensured we were able to ride twice. Soarin' is one of those rides that the line grows to hours throughout the day. We rode one, then went an rode Nemo, did Turtle Talk with Crush, and explored the aquarium. Then it was time to cash in our fast pass. Roda Soarin' again.

After lunch and a few rides, we went back to the hotel to rest and change clothes. We came back in the afternoon and explored the countries at Epcot. I had dinner in Morocco, J had fish and chips from England. We are while we watched the firework show over the lake. It was a fantastic day.

Day 3: Animal Kingdom

We went to Animal Kingdom on day 3. This was my least favorite park of the three that we visited. A wasn't tall enough for most of the rides, and the things that she was tall enough for were spaced out all over the park. We did get in and go straight to the safari ride. Because we went early, the animals were out. We saw cheetahs, lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and a host of other animals. After the safari we rode the water ride (with out ponchos on!). We did a little shopping, had lunch (it was very yummy), and then watched The Lion King musical show. The show was exceptional. I wish we could have seen the Nemo show too, but it was already 2 by this time. We went back to the hotel, slept, swam, and changed, then headed to Downtown Disney for the evening. Downtown Disney was cool, but it was so crowded, we could hardly enjoy the stores. I would love to come back in the middle of February when the park attendance is 1/3 of what it is in the summer. We still managed to do some shopping though!

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