Advice For A Younger Me

Dear M,

I am going to cut right to the chase. I am you in the future. Follow this list and things will be okay. (Not perfect, but good.)

1. Do not cut your hair. Don't cut it in junior high when all your friends do and don't cut it again in high school and don't cut it after you have your daughter. Just say no to big hair cuts!

2. Skip the "RevoStyler".

I can not believe we thought this would really work....Just trust me on this. It is going to get caught in your hair and hurt. A lot. Hold out for two more years then look for true straightening irons.

3. Wear your retainers. Don't leave them on any cafeteria trays!!

4. Don't worry about not playing a sport (I think we both know how that will turn out.)

5. Maybe take a few more classes your Senior year of high school. One more year of Science won't kill you.

6. When you get to college (stick with UNT) DO NOT change your major. News flash, you end up as an English teacher so you might as well get out of there in four years rather than six. (You do not want to be an art historian, so stick to English.)

7. After you get married, live in a cheap apartment for the first three years.

8. Now if you have followed the given advice of #7, this one will be easy. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

9. Be yourself. You will have a group of amazing friends and they love you in spite of your quirks.

10. Wash your makeup off every night. Please.

DIY Burlap Halloween Wreath

Well hello. It has been a while...So to make-up for my lack of posts I am back today with a tutorial!

Needed Materials:
Wood letters--I purchased my BOO letters at Hobby Lobby
Black and orange acrylic paint--I used Anita's purchased from Hobby Lobby
Roll of burlap ribbon--Another Hobby Lobby purchase, I used a printed burlap ribbon from the seasonal section. Mine says spooky with wispy trees, but this pumpkin print is cute too.
Tubular pipe insulation--Purchased at Lowe's for under $1.50. MUCH cheaper than a Styrofoam form.
At least two types of fabric--I had orange left over from my classroom makeover and black and white striped left over from who knows what.
Corsage pins--Purchased at Hobby Lobby
Hot glue and hot glue gun--Any craft supply store
Mod Podge--Any craft supply store
Glitter--Any craft supply store
Duct tape--Everywhere!

Step 1:
Decide how large you would like you wreath to be. I bought one piece of pipe insulation from Lowe's then cut it down to a smaller size. I used orange duct tape to tape the ends together.
Ignore the snowman blanket.
Step 2: Wrap the wreath in the burlap. The size I made mine required one full roll of the burlap ribbon I purchased. I had a second roll, but did not need it at all. I rolled mine at an angle and used corsage pins along the way to keep it tight.

Step 3: Create your rolled rosettes. This is the tutorial I used when I first learned to make the rolled flowers. 

Step 4: Paint and glitter your letters. (I ended up painting over the orange of the last O.)
Step 5: Attach the letters to the wreath using hot glue. Attach the rosettes to the wreath using the corsage pins.

Step 6: Hang your new festive wreath on your door! (But use a better looking command hook than me.)
*The down side to using the pipe insulation is that it will sag due to the weight of the letters. I think with a better hook/support system the circle shape can be restored!