DIY Burlap Halloween Wreath

Well hello. It has been a while...So to make-up for my lack of posts I am back today with a tutorial!

Needed Materials:
Wood letters--I purchased my BOO letters at Hobby Lobby
Black and orange acrylic paint--I used Anita's purchased from Hobby Lobby
Roll of burlap ribbon--Another Hobby Lobby purchase, I used a printed burlap ribbon from the seasonal section. Mine says spooky with wispy trees, but this pumpkin print is cute too.
Tubular pipe insulation--Purchased at Lowe's for under $1.50. MUCH cheaper than a Styrofoam form.
At least two types of fabric--I had orange left over from my classroom makeover and black and white striped left over from who knows what.
Corsage pins--Purchased at Hobby Lobby
Hot glue and hot glue gun--Any craft supply store
Mod Podge--Any craft supply store
Glitter--Any craft supply store
Duct tape--Everywhere!

Step 1:
Decide how large you would like you wreath to be. I bought one piece of pipe insulation from Lowe's then cut it down to a smaller size. I used orange duct tape to tape the ends together.
Ignore the snowman blanket.
Step 2: Wrap the wreath in the burlap. The size I made mine required one full roll of the burlap ribbon I purchased. I had a second roll, but did not need it at all. I rolled mine at an angle and used corsage pins along the way to keep it tight.

Step 3: Create your rolled rosettes. This is the tutorial I used when I first learned to make the rolled flowers. 

Step 4: Paint and glitter your letters. (I ended up painting over the orange of the last O.)
Step 5: Attach the letters to the wreath using hot glue. Attach the rosettes to the wreath using the corsage pins.

Step 6: Hang your new festive wreath on your door! (But use a better looking command hook than me.)
*The down side to using the pipe insulation is that it will sag due to the weight of the letters. I think with a better hook/support system the circle shape can be restored!

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