Endings and Beginnings

Why hello there poor abandoned blog....One post in 2014, that is terrible! I am not making resolutions this year. I never stick to them anyway, but I am going to try and blog a bit more. I think my head was more clear when I had a creative outlet.

2014 Endings:

This year was the end of A's time in preschool. She started kinder in the Fall. She left behind friends that she had been with at King with since she was 3 months old!

This is most likely the last Christmas we will spend in this house. A's school is currently a 35 minute drive from our home. It is a sacrifice we are making, so she can go to the school that we felt was best for her, but it has been draining! The church we (sporadically) attend is about 25 minutes away. A takes gymnastics in the same area....The majority of our life is on the other side of the county! We bought this house in July of 2009, A was two months old. It has been a great starter, but I am excited about the possibilities of a new home.

I will be asking Cie to repaint a striped wall for me though no matter what the new house looks like! 

2015 Beginnings:
I have some pretty exciting prospects and projects on my horizon, including some that I can't even talk about yet. (Before you ask, no this doesn't mean babies.) Grad school is going well, and I am excited to see what my second semester holds for me. (I hope I can maintain balance!!) 

Really that's all. 2014 wasn't the greatest year, I am not going to be shed a tear at its passing to be honest. I am excited to see what my story holds for 2015.

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