From the Dust...

I haven't blogged in well over a year. Maybe even two. The reasons are varied...Time, life, fears, lack of interest, and so on. My blog has always been all over the place. A peek into my life. Then I stopped.

I can honestly say that my life has been full of good and bad during my absence. I've changed jobs, moved, struggled with my weight, started grad school, and had my family rocked by illness. Some of these things are well known among friends and acquaintances alike, some are not.

Job Change: In February I moved to a position as a digital learning facilitator in my same district. While I love my job, I don't love not being good at it. I guess I had forgotten what it was like to be new. Now knowing the answers or what to do when new challenges arise...I've gotten very used to saying, "I don't know the answer, but let me see what I can find!"

Grad School: I am just over halfway through my Masters program in Learning Technologies. The good news, I will be done around my birthday in May. The bad news, I am taking two classes at a time while also navigating a new job. My evenings are filled with assignments. The time away from my family has taken an emotional toll. I am home but not always present. It is an area I am working to improve.

New Home: We moved in July. I love my new house. As with all things though it has a plus and minus. The market was incredibly crazy this summer, so we had to fight for a house. But I am glad to be here. We moved in one week before I went back to work, so there are still many boxes needing to be unpacked.

Personal Issues: As always I struggle with my weight. I am not ready to discuss it beyond that.

Illness: May was a month from Hell. J was in an accident that totaled our car (So this summer we picked up a new mortgage and a second car payment) and we found out his mom has cancer. Here we are now in October and things have progressed very quickly. The cancer was at a late stage when it was diagnosed and in August she moved in with us. It is a heartbreaking disease that impacts not only the one diagnosed but everyone in their life as well. J, his mom, and his sister have all been very brave in the face of what has transpired. Each day is different and no one knows what to expect. Prayers are always appreciated for anyone that is battling cancer.

A: 1st grade is here. I can't believe my bug is 6. She is wonderful, caring, bright, challenging, energetic, and at times down right ornery. I worry about how all these changes are impacting her. I know as an adult it has made me tired. Just tired. I have heard that kids are more resilient than adults, and I pray that is true.

So that catches you up on us. I don't know when I will post again. Hopefully it won't be another year.

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  1. You're doing a fantastic job at work! I am ever impressed with you. You're holding it all together so well. Prayers, good vibes your way, my friend!